Bi-Level Built-Ins

Two stories, 2 moods, in harmony

Display Bookcases

The family loft

Black paint, rubbed through, reveals a premium Alder, complimenting the room's tones. Vintage iron hinge hasps and handles contribute to an aged, traditional feel.

LED lighting enhances the warmth while highlighting the features of the collections on display.

Alder bead-board backs are untainted by the black, revealing the full warmth of the room's wood tones, unifying the two.

Patina'd copper insets skirt the frieze panels, supporting a cove crown molding, hand fit to the angled ceiling while simultaneously allowing proper flow of fresh air to pour over the top via the vents they shield from sight

Art Display

Contemporary, Formal, Rustic

Lighting from above and within.

Vine- textured iron accents and handrail by Creative Ironworks